Protected Status Bill For County Jailers Moves Through Assembly

(Madison) A bill co-authored by a representative from Beaver Dam passed the assembly unanimously Tuesday. Mark Born’s and Senator Howard Marklein’s bill gives county jailers an opportunity to be classified as protective occupation participants.

This allows them to access benefits that come with that status. The legislation will allow county jailers who are not employed by a county that already grants their jailers protective status the opportunity to decide whether they want to be classified as a protective occupant participant.

Born says protective status has numerous benefits including a lower retirement age, an increased multiplier for retirement annuities, and duty disability insurance. He adds that this bill reflects their ongoing effort to provide more support for law enforcement officers who routinely risk their own safety to protect members of their community.

Born thanked his assembly colleagues for recognizing the challenges and dangers county jailers experience on a daily basis by supporting this important piece of legislation. The bill will need to pass the state senate before it is sent to the governor’s desk for a signature.