Grothman Discusses Coronavirus Stimulus Package on WBEV

(Beaver Dam) Congressman Glenn Grothman says the new stimulus bill should correct issues the first package had with high unemployment benefits. On Monday, Senate Republicans unveiled a roughly $1-trillion-dollar stimulus proposal which would cut federal unemployment benefits – set to expire Friday – from an extra $600 to an extra $200 a week; on top of state-administered aid.

Grothman says the first plan paid out too much. He says on an annual basis people were getting around $45,000 a year for not working. Grothman adds that multiple employers have reported difficulties finding people to work because they were getting paid more on unemployment benefits.

During Monday’s appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Grothman said the nation has already spent around $3-trillion-dollars on coronavirus relief with over $10-thousand-dollars being spent on each person.

The proposed bill, called the HEALS Act, includes another around of $1,200 stimulus checks. President Donald Trump is pushing for a reduction in federal taxes instead, which Grothman says he prefers. He says the first round of stimulus checks went to people who did not need it while reducing FICA taxes would benefit those who are working.

There is no timetable on when Congress might pass the proposed bill but both Democrats and Republicans remain divided on multiple issues including renters’ assistance and state-aid.