Green Lake County Sheriff’s Office Offers Scam Avoidance Advice

(Green Lake County) Green Lake County Chief Deputy Matt Vande Kolk suggests trusting your instincts when you think a phone call or email is a scam. He says if it feels suspicious it probably. He has some simple rules of thumb for instance if you’re on the phone with someone who says they are with a law enforcement agency and a relative is in trouble and needs to be bailed out tell them you want to verify it by talking to a relative who is a police officer. Vande Kolk says if someone is urging you to purchase gift cards for some purpose and give them the card numbers don’t fall for it. He says they want you to use gift cards because it is harder for law enforcement to trace. Finally, he says if you get a call or email saying there is a warrant out for your arrest, don’t believe it. He says in the case of the Green Lake County Sheriff’s Office if they had a warrant out for your arrest they would show up at your door to arrest you.