Friday Is Deadline To Register For BDPD Citizens Academy

(Beaver Dam) Friday is the deadline to sign up for the Beaver Dam Police Department Citizens Police Academy. This will be the 18th year for the academy which has given over 200 local residents an inside look at real police training and tactics. Sergeant Jeremiah Johnson says it is a highly successful, hands-on program. He says their cadets will learn how local police handle traffic crashes, drug investigations, arrest tactics, and go with police for firearms training.

Johnson says their students – quite literally – get a front seat to the action as they can operate a police cruiser in a controlled environment and ride along with an officer for an eight hour shift. He says those who join the program can pick and choose what activities they take part in. Johnson adds that if a person does not want to do firearm trainings they can sit back and watch others participate.

Johnson says the class is limited to 12 individuals this year but they may extend that based on interest. He says they are limiting their numbers this year due to some of the locations they will be at as well as COVID concerns. Johnson notes the application process is very simple and a background check is conducted.

The Citizens Academy meets Monday evening’s between 6pm and 10pm. One Saturday class is planned. There is no charge to sign up but applicants must be 18 years of age and preference is given to those who live, work, or own property in the city. The program begins on March 14th and ends on June 6th. Applications are due by February 25th.

Application packets can be picked up at the Beaver Dam Police Department. For additional information contact Sergeant Jeremiah Johnson at 920-887-4614 or 920-210-9378. You can email Johnson at [email protected] or get more information at the city of Beaver Dam’s website


The photo is the Beaver Dam Police Department’s graduating class from 2020-2021.

Front Row from left: Don Armour, Rhonda Ritchie

Back Row from the left: Chief John Kreuziger, Marlene Berthiaume, Thomas Berthiaume, Janine Jorgensen, Christina Roberts, Brad Waddell, Jeff Fuhrman, Officer William Linzenmeyer

Not Pictured: Dan Posthuma, Jeff Winter