Fitzgerald Rejects Notion Of Veto Action

9/22/17 – Assembly Republicans are said to be grumbling about some of the 99 items their party’s governor vetoed from the new state budget. And the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says there’s at least some talk that the majority might to try to override what they do not like — including extra state aid for districts that get the smallest amounts now for each student. But Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald of Juneau says there would be “zero chance” his chamber considers any veto overrides if the Assembly tries that approach. Any veto of a governor’s action is rare, and the last time it happened was in 1985 when Democrat Tony Earl was governor. The state budget also contains about a $200 million buffer in case state income and sales tax collections soften. Fitzgerald says you probably will not hear much about that, but it gives the state some protection in case the economy does not stay strong. It will help the state avoid having to do a budget repair bill, something other states may have to do because they did not plan as well. Fitzgerald was among the state legislators who attended the Governor’s budget signing ceremony at a Neenah elementary school Thursday.