Local August Unemployment Filings

9/22/17 – Jobless numbers in the region remain relatively low. According to numbers released by the state Department of Workforce Development, unemployment filings in Dodge County were 2.9-percent in August, down one-tenth of one percent from July. The rate last year was 3.7-percent. Jefferson County was down two-tenths from the previous month to three-percent even. Filings in Columbia, Washington and Fond du Lac counties were flat in August compared to July. Columbia County was at 2.8-percent, Washington County was 2.9-percent and Fond du Lac County was three-percent. Green Lake County was up two-tenths over the two-month period at 3.5-percent. Dane County had the lowest rate in the state at 2.4-percent while Menominee County was the highest at 7.5-percent. The statewide, non-adjusted unemployment rate in August was 3.4-percent, a full percentage point below the national rate.