Dodge County Sheriff’s Office: Follow Road Signs Near Construction Zones

(Juneau) Dodge County law enforcement are asking residents to follow road signs near construction zones. It is the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office June Law of the Month.

State statutes require all motorists must obey the instruction of any traffic sign or signal unless otherwise directed by a traffic officer. Failing to obey road closed signs can result in a $175 citation and three demerit points against your license. A second offense within a year can led to a $213 fine and another three demerit points.

The sheriff’s office says there are a lot of closed roads that are posted with signs and barricades in Dodge County preventing traffic from coming through. They add that most of the road closed signs state there is only access granted to local or business-related traffic. This means that people who do not live on that closed road or are not accessing a business are not allowed to drive on that road.

The agency also notes that roads that have barricades on them should not be driven on by anyone unless given permission by a law enforcement officer. They ask to not move the barricades to gain access to the road.