Dodge County Sheriff Warns Of Facebook Scams

(Juneau) The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office is warning social media users of Facebook fraud scams. The scam involves posting “heart-wrenching” pictures or stories on Facebook. Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt gives credit to detective Mike Reeseman for finding these posts and gives some examples. 

“We have several examples of fraudulent posts that are posted on our Facebook page,” says Schmidt. “We’ve got a lady who’s lying in a hospital bed, which is posted on Dodge County Buy, Sell Trade. There’s a Tri-County rummage sale, which again in this area, that has a puppy who is in serious medical distress.”       

Schmidt says the scammers get people to “follow” these posts, then change the posts entirely to make it look like a rent to own. The sheriff explains what users should look for. 

“If you look closely at some of these posts when there these ‘oh my goodness, I can’t believe this happened?!’ You look at who posted it, ‘Do they have any followers?’, ‘Do they have any friends there?’ ‘Is it a fake account?’” Schmidt says. “That’s your first clue.”      

Schmidt encourages users to not follow share these posts because scammers are just trying to hook them in and get their money.   

Photo courtesy of the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page