Dodge County Sheriff Says Anonymous Tips Can Hinder Investigations

(Juneau) The Dodge County Sheriff says while it is in everyone’s right to remain anonymous while submitting tips to law enforcement, doing so can hinder their ability to investigate. Sheriff Dale Schmidt says their received two complaints via their mobile app over a noise issue last weekend. Deputies were not able to immediately respond due to other high-priority calls at the time. Once a deputy did arrive, Schmidt says they found that the noise was reasonable. He says the deputy was not able to follow up with the complainant to get their side of the story because the tip was made anonymously. The following day, another anonymous tip was filed claiming that the sheriff’s office app does not work and that the music was playing again. Schmidt says deputies responded and found that the music was not inappropriate for the time of day. He adds that his department was not able to follow up to get the complainant’s perspective on the situation because their tip was made under anonymity. The sheriff notes as this incident shows, remaining anonymous – which is everyone’s right – can very much limit their ability for a follow-up conversation between a deputy and the complainant. Schmidt adds every report that comes in goes directly to their team of dispatchers and they will assign the complaint to a deputy or officer, if practical, and as soon as one is available.