Grothman Holds Town Hall Meetings

(Randolph) Congressman Glen Grothman held a pair of town hall meetings Monday in an attempt to inform the public on the state of government matters at the national level. The Republican from Glenbeulah first visited the Village of Coloma speaking to a crowd of about 30 before traveling to Randolph and addressing a slightly larger crowd of nearly 50 people. When asked about his outlook as the world enters it’s third year of COVID the congressman spoke optimistically, anticipating a cure. Grothman added that he has been working with some Israeli researchers on the use of fenofibrate, a drug used to regulate cholesterol levels to treat patients with COVID. He says the hope is that a cure can be found so that we as a nation no longer need to worry about things like vaccination checks and wearing masks. 

Grothman also spoke to the amount of government spending related to the COVID pandemic, saying at this point he thinks we are just about out of money to spend.  He says more than likely we will not see too many more stimulus bills as so much money has already gone out the door, and (quote) “even the most radical congressman will know we can’t go that much higher.” 

Additionally, the congressman spoke about conditions at the border, the three spending bills currently in talks at this time, as well as his views on racism, and a media reporting bias.