Dodge County Sheriff Addresses Huber Walkaways

(Juneau) The Dodge County Sheriff says Huber walkaways are unfortunately not an uncommon occurrence but he notes that there has been an uptick this year. An individual who has been convicted of a low-level crime can be granted release privileges by the court that would allow an inmate to leave the jail for work, child-care or elder-care, school or treatment appointments. If the individual does not return to the jail the sheriff’s office will issue a warrant for their arrest.

Schmidt says that his office recently started doing more in the hopes of locating these inmates by asking the community for help. During Wednesday’s Community Comment, Schmidt said there are some misconceptions about the Huber walkaway problem. He says they have used GPS tracking in the past but inmates would cut the device off before running away. Schmidt says dedicating a deputy to go with each inmate is not feasible. He adds many people believe that this is an issue that came up suddenly which is not the case. Schmidt adds that the sheriff’s office is choosing to make it more public in the hopes of increasing their chances of locating and taking these individuals into custody.

The sheriff’s office is currently asking the public’s help in locating a Huber inmate who failed to return to the jail from a pre-approved appointment. Valerie Thorsen has an active warrant for her arrest. The 36-year-old was serving a 180-day sentence for Contempt. Her last known address is on Aberg Avenue in Madison. Authorities are asking anyone with information to contact the Sheriff’s Office or their local law enforcement agency.