Dodge County Leaders Discuss Employee Recruitment Challenges, Solutions

(Juneau) The Dodge County Executive Committee recently discussed employee recruitment challenges. County Administrator Jim Mielke brought the matter forward as a possible recurring agenda item for the executive committee to review.

There have been talks in other committees over difficulties filling county-level positions including correctional officers at the jail and certified nursing assistants at Clearview. The county board last month approved a boost to the cost-of-living wage increase for employees in an effort to maintain market competitiveness. Mielke says the Human Resources Committee will hold upcoming conversations with neighboring counties to go over comparables of various positions.

He says this is not a Dodge County issue as other counties are dealing with a similar problem. Mielke says the goal is to find potential solutions to fill open positions or to bring in new ideas for recruitment in general.

Supervisor David Guckenberger highlighted an advantage for working and living in the county. He says the director of physical facilities recently filled a position by someone out of the area who took a pay decrease but chose to live in Dodge County because the cost of living was cheaper. He says he sees an opportunity to advertise openings based on affordability of the surrounding market.

The executive committee wished to see additional information about what jobs are open, including which ones require a college education or a certain skillset. The matter will be brought back for discussion at future meetings.