Dodge County Law Enforcement Asking Motorists To Keep An Eye Out For Pedestrians

(Juneau) Local law enforcement is reminding motorists to be on the lookout for school buses and pedestrians. It is the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office October Law of the Month.

According to state statutes, the operator of a vehicle that approaches from the front or rear of any school bus displaying its flashing red lights shall stop and remain stopped no less than 20 feet away until the bus resumes motion or the red lights have been turned off.

In addition, the operator of a bus that approaches the front or rear of a school bus displaying its flashing red lights, should also stop and do the same. Authorities say that with the school year underway, it is important for drivers to be alert and attentive when driving by schools and look for pedestrians walking in the crosswalk.

Law enforcement adds that drivers can easily become distracted by their surroundings when people are crossing the street.