Concert Performance Saturday Night From Beaver Dam Area Orchestra

(Beaver Dam) In addition to Fall Fest Saturday, there will also be a free concert put on by the Beaver Dam Area Orchestra. The orchestra is community-oriented that began performing in 1954 under the direction of Glen Wood. Orchestra Director Erin Ebersol hints at what songs concertgoers could hear tonight.

“There’s so much good music out there that is either related to Halloween directly or could certainly be pulled into a Halloween-theme,” says Ebersol.

“Whether it’s related to scary Greek myth, we’re playing off one of those, there’s Funeral March of a Marionette, and there’s also music from ‘Wicked,’ which of course has witches in it.”  

Ebersol is only the third director in the orchestra’s 69 year history, behind Glen Wood and Richard Zemen. Beaver Dam Area Orchestra Coordinator David Saniter explains why the public should make it a point to come see the performance.

“I kind of touched on it before, with it being such a wonderful experience,” Saniter says. “There’s no cost to it. You’re totally welcome to make a donation at the performance, but seeing an orchestra like that, live, is such a wonderful experience.”       

The Beaver Dam Area Orchestra is putting on a concert during Fall Fest tonight at 7pm at the Beaver Dam Area Community Theater. Admission is free.