Dodge County Chief Deputy Clerk Of Courts Announces Candidacy For Office’s Top Spot

(Juneau) Dodge County’s chief deputy clerk of courts has announced her candidacy for the top position in the department. Kelly Enright announced Tuesday that she is running as a Republican candidate for clerk of courts. Lynn Hron is stepping down from the post on May 3rd after taking office over 19 years ago.

Enright has been in the clerk of court’s office for the last 13 years and has held numerous positions. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Prior to starting in the clerk’s office, Enright was employed in the banking industry and worked her way up to branch manager.

Enright says she is running because she cares about the office and understands how important it is to do things right when dealing with matters that are extremely important to the legal system. Enright notes that there are many stakeholders in the justice system and they all deserve respectful, efficient, and fiscally responsible service from the clerk’s office.

Hron is endorsing Enright to fill the position.