Dodge County Center For The Arts Evolved During Pandemic

(Beaver Dam) The Dodge County Center for the Arts has used idle time over the past year to prepare a new approach to their offerings. The center was just getting its footing in a new location – the former bank at Center and Maple in Beaver Dam  when the pandemic sent public gatherings into limbo. Board Member Kraig Kasten says in addition to a new logo, the center is planning to be open to the public more consistently. 

Previously, the art center had a strict gallery approach with a show that opens and closes and the center itself closed between shows. Going forward, Kasten says, the center will be open all the time with artists refreshing their work every 30 days.  

The board’s Chris Frinak says they want to give artists a venue for sales putting the artist more in the “driver’s seat” about what they want to bring.  

Which is not to say there will no longer be shows at the art center. Since moving into their new location artists have plenty of space to display their work. Kasten says two of the facilities rooms are being dedicated to individual artists or themes. 

For the next couple weekends, the art center has their ‘Starving Art Center” sale, featuring leftover pieces from previous shows at well-below gallery costs. On May 12, the arts board will hold its annual meeting open to the public, in-person and virtually. With the new hours, those interested in volunteering are especially encouraged to come.