Dodge County Board To Have Say In How American Rescue Act Funds Will Be Spent

(Juneau) The Dodge County Board’s Executive Committee Monday voted down creating an ad hoc committee to discuss how to best spend the county’s American Rescue Act Funds. The committee would have included the chairperson of ten different county level committees including Judicial and Public Protection, Finance, Human Services, and Buildings. The Executive Committee wished to see all of the county board members have a say in how the money will be spent. County Board Chairman Russ Kottke says the matter may be discussed during the board’s November 9th meeting. Dodge County is slated to receive just over $17-million-dollars in 2021 American Rescue Act Funds. The county needs to outline how the money will be spent by 2024 and have the money used by 2026. Fond du Lac County will be getting $20-million-dollars, Washington County $26-million, Jefferson County is in line to receive $16-million-dollars, Columbia County will get $11-million, with Green Lake County getting over $7-million-dollars.