County Supervisor Explores Increased Per Diems

(Juneau) The Dodge County Board’s Executive Committee discussed a resolution this week intended to encourage elected officials to attend more meetings. Currently, county board supervisors only get a per diem to attend the meetings for the committee they are assigned, plus the regular monthly council meeting. The compensation is $50 dollars, including $10 for mileage.

The resolution would expand the allowance to include up to an additional five meetings a year. It does not seek to change the current per diem rate. No supervisor would be eligible for compensation if they attend more than two meetings a day.

Supervisor Jeff Berres, who introduced the resolution, says the goal is to increase engagement and knowledge on important county issues. He says there are a lot of things that can be learned by going to meetings in person, even if an individual is able to learn just one item during their attendance it would be beneficial to the board. Berres says the county board often votes on expensive items and having more members involved in the process would be valuable.

Other executive committee members say alternative options, such as recording the meetings through audio or visual means, should be researched more thoroughly before a decision can be made. Supervisor David Frohling says the issue should be brought back up during next year’s budget and should not be implemented until a more specific proposal can be presented.

Berres maintains that the resolution would have a low financial impact on the county. The executive committee did not support a motion by Berres to bring the resolution to the county board for a vote during their April meeting. Berres could still add the item to the agenda on his own. If he does not, the executive committee will further discuss the matter during their next meeting.