Beaver Dam Man Convicted Of Residential Burglary

(Watertown) A Watertown man entered a no contest plea yesterday in connection with a residential break-in. Gavin Moskow entered a no contest plea to one felony count of Burglary of a Building or Dwelling. Last April, Watertown police were dispatched to a reported burglary. Upon arriving at the scene, officers noticed a broken window, a hammer, and a drop of blood. Residents said that they could not find anything that was missing but noted that it would cost roughly $200 dollars to fix the damages. The hammer and blood was collected and DNA tests were done to find possible matches. Prosecutors say the results came back matching the DNA found on the hammer with a burglary case in Washington County which led police to Gavin Moskow. The 20-year-old consented to buccal swab test. The results from that test matched the DNA found at the crime scene. A pre-sentencing investigation was ordered and a hearing is scheduled in June.