Coronavirus Causes Changes For Nation Of Patriots Fundraiser

(Beaver Dam) A national fundraiser with roots in Beaver Dam is moving forward this summer with a change in plans. Organizers with the Nation of Patriots says that their 2020 tour will take place, just not as some are used to. The non-profit says with the pandemic still on the rise and in many states the case numbers are growing exponentially, they cannot reasonably or responsibly make a request that puts members or volunteers in harm’s way. They say after careful consideration they will be moving forward through a series of carefully planned phases.

The Virtual Patriot Tour is phase one. The organization will be posting three minute videos to their social media channels and website of Flag Bearers with their own American Flags discussing the Patriot Tour and a personal story.

Phase two they call a Socially Responsible Tour. As COVID-19 cases decrease and state requirements for shelter in place orders drop-off, the non-profit will announce the shift into phase two. At that time, the physical American Flag will be shipped ahead to a tour location and one rider only from that site will transfer and receive the flag. The flag would remain in a flag case and each bearer will be asked to wear gloves and a mask. The Patriot Tour says there will be no physical embrace of any kind between flag bearers.

Phase three – called the Patriot Tour, As Intended – would lift all restrictions and ask all remaining locations to proceed as originally planned. In order for the organization to shift into phase three, they would need to see a tremendous downturn in reported cases, in combination with news of a vaccine or some form of medical treatment being distributed.

Local organizers say it is still unknown how this plan will affect the Beaver Dam stop, scheduled for July 25, but they note it will take place in some capacity. The 2020 Patriot Tour launched on May 23rd.