Columbus Interim Administrator Proposes Less Borrowing For 2020 CIP

(Columbus) A proposal brought before the Columbus Committee of the Whole by the interim administrator could see the city reduce the amount of borrowing done for capital improvement projects in 2020. Dave Berner, who has been serving the city in an interim role after the departure of Patrick Vander Sanden, spoke before the council about a CIP budget adjustment that – if adopted – would see the city favoring the use of undesignated funds instead of borrowing for upcoming projects.  In a presentation before the council, Berner says that he knows of multiple projects that need to be borrowed for.  He says he had been directed to look for other sources of funding, taking the need to borrow off the things the city is considering.


Among other changes, Berner’s proposal would have the city push off mill and overlay work planned for this year until next year. Saying the city is already scheduled to fix nearly a mile of roadway as a part of the Hibbard Street project. District 1 Representative Ian Gray expressed a desire to keep the roadwork plans as they are, saying that he is concerned about not doing the mill and overlay and that the project keeps getting pushed back. Gray made a point of mentioning that the roads project is a priority of the citizens and pushing it off was concerning.


The proposal will be voted on at the council’s next meeting on February 17th.