Columbus Council Considers Raising Pool Pass Rates

(Columbus) The pool rates for the Columbus Area Aquatic Center were a hot topic at this week’s Columbus Committee of the Whole meeting. The discussion was centered around raising the rates for the summer season passes for non-residents. Alderwoman Shelley Albright suggested a potential increase for the individual pass.
“If we were talking about the individual pass, [Alderman] Ian [Gray] is right, they’re kinda high, and you’re suggesting $110,” said Albright. “So maybe raising that to $125 would be alright.”
Aquatic center officials say that it is an either/or issue because some people buy certain passes more than others. Alderman Ian Gray saw a bigger issue in the price of all summer season passes for non-residents and offered a suggestion.
“I would probably say [family pass] needs to go up at least $15 there, the individual [pass] needs to go up $25 to $30, the couple [pass] another $15,” said Gray.
The 2022 prices for season passes are: $245 for family, $110 for individual and $170 for couples. Those prices have been in place since April 1.
Moving forward, the council would like to see rates go up, specifically for non-residents. The matter will be discussed further at the next regular meeting.