Area Schools Receive DOJ Mapping Data Funds

(Fall River) A couple area school districts have received funding from the Wisconsin Department of Justice. The DOJ announced that all funds for the Digital Mapping School Buildings 2022 grant program have been awarded. The agency says 96 school districts were awarded reimbursement for critical incident mapping through the program. Critical incident mapping provides a digital blueprint of a school that can be easily accessed by law enforcement on cell phones or other devices during a critical incident. This helps provide a clear layout for a school for law enforcement when a quick response is necessary. The Fall River School District is getting $15,000 while the Lodi School District is in line for $24,000. State Attorney General Josh Kaul says if a critical incident occurs at any of these schools, first responders will have this additional information available as they work to rapidly locate and respond to the scene. The 2017 Wisconsin Act 143 requires every district in the state to submit blueprints of their school to the local law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over their school.