Columbus Committee Of The Whole Move CHLPC Ordinance To Planning Commission

(Columbus) The Columbus City Council discussed an amendment to the Columbus Historical Landmarks and Preservation Committee’s ordinance at a recent Committee of the Whole meeting. The amendment is centered around the appeals process. City Attorney Paul Johnson:

“The purpose of this ordinance is to basically take the last 7-8 years of effort to change the existing ordinance and throw it into the trash and add this one paragraph to the ordinance that is already on the books,” says Johnson. “So, this is a complete 180 from what we’ve been working on.”   

Johnson says that instead of the ordinance going directly to the council for approval, it will go to the planning commission. The planning commission is required to hold a public hearing because it is a zoning issue, and then they would make a recommendation to the council for final approval. Alder Ian Gray is pleased with the amendment.

“I don’t think that the ordinance should’ve ever been reworked in my opinion,” Gray says. “We have an excellent ordinance and everyone from the state agrees with that. So, I am great with this minor amendment.” 

The city attorney also noted that, “the very last sentence of the ordinance requires a two-thirds vote to uphold an appeal,” says Johnson. “And that’s four out of six, which is what you would normally need anyway.”

Johnson says the only significance is that if there is a three-three tie, it is not broken by the mayor and the motion for the amendment would fail. The council ultimately gave the green light to move the amendment to the planning commission.