Columbus City Council Discusses Winter Parking Ordinance 

(Columbus) The Columbus City Council recently discussed the winter parking ordinance for the city. The topic at hand was removing wordage about the signs that are displayed around the city. Department of Public Works Maintenance Worker Phil Kaschub wants it removed completely so the department does not have to change the signs. 

“The signs are seven feet at the bottom, nine feet tall at the top,” says Kaschub. “We have to go out and physically, there’s a wingnut that holds them closed, and when you open them, it’s a magnet that holds them open.”       

He says those signs are to be displayed when a snow emergency is declared, and when the signs are being put up, it is already snowing. It normally takes up to an hour to put up, is a multi-person job, and a stepladder is required.  

Kaschub explains an incident that occurred last year where a snow emergency was canceled after it started snowing. 

“We still had to be out plowing, but because the snow emergency was canceled, people started parking on the streets,” Kaschub says. “The signs were still displayed in the country, so the signs at that time were not doing any good.”    

Alder Ian Gray suggested that instead of changing the signs, something else could be done to notify people. 

“Whether that’s just, you know, posting on the city website, on the city Facebook page, on the cable news channel,” says Gray. “Things we can reasonably that are honestly more effective than the signs are anyway. I think that should be still part of the ordinance so it’s an expectation of the city to do it.”        

Gray says that there have been issues in the past with the signs not being posted very well and people complained.

The council voted to amend the ordinance adding that the city is required to notify citizens of a snow emergency via the city website and other forms of electronic media.