Church Health Services Say Donation Will Go A Long Way Towards Expanding Their Facility

(Beaver Dam) A local non-profit has received a large donation to help expand their facility in Beaver Dam. Church Health Services recently got a $325-thousand-dollar check from the Beaver Dam Community Hospital Foundation for expanding and renovating their building located at 115 North Center Street. The organization provides dental, medical, and mental health services to low-income children and adults living in South Central Wisconsin.

Community Engagement Director Bev Beal-Loeck says plans are still in their early stages, but the proposed project is estimated to cost between $800-and-$900-thousand-dollars.

“What it will involve is connecting the garage…that we currently have…we have a six-bay garage…emptying that out and that will be reconfigured into a conference/meeting room and some office space,” says Beal-Loeck. “And the office space will be utilized by some of us who are not counselors and get us out of second-floor of our current clinic and those office spaces will be reconfigured so that we have more counseling rooms.”

This expansion would also incorporate another waiting room for the organization’s mental health services and its dental clinic. Maria Holschbach-Greene is a programming coordinator.

“When people walk in right now they walk into one receptionist area where they check-in for their sessions,” says Holschbach-Greene. “Hopefully with an expansion, we would have it where you walk in downstairs and you check-in for the service for dental. You walk upstairs and you walk into a check-in for mental health. That way our mental health coordinators and our dental coordinators can slowly begin to reconfigure not being chaotic in a sense but having less to handle as right now everything comes in at once.”

Holschbach-Greene says the hope is to get their walk-in medical clinics back in action with their own check-in areas. Church Health Services has seen substantial growth over the last ten years going from 250 patients to over 52-hundred; two programs provided to five; and 15 employees up to 31.

For more information about Church Health Services click HERE. You can also visit their Facebook page or call 920-887-1766.