Heather Cramer-Superintendent-Hustisford School District

After serving as Elementary Principal for the Hustisford School District, Heather Cramer became the Superintendent in 2016. She submitted this recipe because it is a true FAMILY FAVORITE. In fact, it’s been her family for over 150 years!

Heather called her Grandma Krause to ask how long the Krause family had been making it and her grandma laughed and said it had been a favorite for “forever”. Heather’s great-great-grandmother made it and it has been handed down for generations. It is now being requested by her children every Christmas.

She has fond memories of making Himmel Futter in the kitchen on Christmas morning with her dad, as he always let her lick the whipped cream off the beaters. Her children carry on this tradition with Heather’s dad. They race down on Christmas morning to see what is under the tree, but also to help Papa Randy with their favorite dish.

Nothing is better than a sweet, sugar filled cake with whipped cream for breakfast! And though there are different ways to make this dish-Heather’s family says this is the ONLY way! Himmel Futter matches it’s translation-Heavenly Food!

Himmel Futter

2 eggs beaten

1 c. sugar

2 heaping tablespoons flour

1 tsp. baking powder

½ lb. dates

½ lb. walnuts

Chop dates and walnuts. Mix all ingredients together and bake for ½ hour at 350. When finished baking, cool completely and then break into pieces and place in a bowl. Prepare a batch of homemade whipped cream and mix the cake pieces with the whipped cream and serve.

NOTE: Heather says “I always double this recipe to ensure that we can feed the family!”