Burnett Man Charged With Burglarizing Waupun Bar

(Waupun) A Burnett man was charged Thursday with burglarizing a bar in Waupun. Terry McCubbins is facing a felony charge of Burglary. In September, the manager learned that the establishment’s key box was opened and that the key was missing. The manager did not find any forced entry but when checking the previous two nights of cash and credit card transactions found that they were missing, roughly $2,500 in total was taken. McCubbins, who worked at the bar as kitchen help, was reportedly identified as a potential suspect by the manager. Security footage allegedly captured McCubbins wearing the same exact clothing he wore during the crime as he did while working his previous shift. When questioned, McCubbins initially denied his involvement but later reportedly admitted his actions. If convicted, the 44-year-old faces no more than 12-and-a-half years in prison. An initial appearance is scheduled later this month.