Building 109 Victims Pen Thank You Letter To Emergency Responders

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Fire Chief says he was humbled by the way displaced residents of Village Glen Building 109 handled the difficult situation they faced. The 11-day ordeal ended with a controlled burn of the entire 16-unit apartment complex ordered following a March 5th explosion that left one dead. Authorities found 13 jars of T-A-T-P, a volatile chemical so unstable that it first had to be detonated, before the entire building was burned to the ground. The tenants were not allowed back in their apartments and nearly lost everything before an eleventh-hour sweep by the FBI resulted in them being reunited with some of their most important belongings. Chief Alan Mannel told the city’s Police and Fire Commission at this month’s meeting that all the tenants were remarkable cooperative and understanding throughout the entire process. He says the ones who lost the most were the most gracious but everyone was a pleasure to work with. Mannel even passed around to the commission a Thank You card that was signed by all the residents of Building 109.  Mannel anticipates that he will have a report to present to the Police and Fire Commission at their June meeting. He noted that he is up to page three and has only covered the response to the initial blast.