Budget Talks Underway In Dodge County

(Juneau) Budget deliberations are underway in Dodge County. The finance committee began review of the 2021 document at their meeting Thursday. While figures including the county’s total expenditures and levy limits are still being hammered out, the proposed mill rate for next year could vary depending on highway road construction projects.

If the county board approves borrowing for road work in 2021, taxpayers could pay roughly $5.24 per-one-thousand-dollars of assessed value. If not approved, the mill rate could be $4.97. The current tax rate is $5.14. Equalized property values saw a $3-million-dollar increase, coming in at $7-billion-dollars.

Early in the budget process, the document came in roughly $2.7-million-dollars over. That deficit is now trimmed down to $960-thousand. Finance Committee Chair Dave Frohling says the plan is to use monies from the Fund Balance to balance the budget which is something they historically do.

He notes that the county will likely have to find other ways to balance future budgets. Frohling says that is because the usual yearend surplus that is used to replenish the Fund Balance may be less moving forward. He says with current rates, the county’s investment income is not bringing in as much revenue as in years past. Final budget adoption is slated for November.