Dodge County Highway Department Releases Roadwork Survey Results

(Juneau) Officials in Dodge County have released the results of a survey that asked taxpayers how much they would like to see borrowed to repair county roads. Highway Committee Chair Jeff Caine says with interest rates where they are currently, now is the best time to borrow. Municipalities can exceed state-imposed revenue limits when bonding for road work. He says the survey will assist in properly preparing for the 2021 and 2022 construction season. There were 672 responses to the survey. 

Just under 30-percent of respondents said they would want to see the county perform ten miles of improvements annually which requires no additional borrowing beyond what the county already earmarks for roads. Around 13-percent of respondents said they would like the county to borrow $6-million dollars to fund an additional 17 miles of roadway, which would cost property owners just over nine dollars more per one-hundred thousand of assessed value each year for ten yearsNearly 18-percent of said they would want the county to borrow $12-million dollars to improve 17 additional miles of county highway. 

Over 40-percent are in support of the county spending $18-million to redo 51 additional miles, resulting in an annual increase of $27.45-per-hundred-thousand dollars of value. Survey results are scheduled to be reviewed by the Highway Committee with project recommendations presented to the Dodge County Finance Committee and County Board for consideration with the 2021 budget. There are 540 miles in the county’s highway system which is the second largest in the state of Wisconsin next to Marathon County.