Beaver Dam School Board Reviews Jefferson Renovation Plan

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam School Board Monday night got its first look at renovation plans at Jefferson Elementary. The board approved a five-year facility plan in July that included the closure of South Beaver Dam Elementary and its consolidation with Jefferson next school year.

Nick Kent with Plunkett Raysich Architects says as they studied the floor plan, from a core curriculum classroom standpoint, there is more space available than is currently being used. He says initial intentions were to build additional classrooms but as they looked at the structure it became apparent the core curriculum classrooms could be re-used.

“Maybe we need to think about the building a little bit differently,” Kent says, “maybe what needs to expand is the support spaces that make the building work as a whole to function as a three-section elementary school.”

Kent says constructing a 4000-square foot multi-purpose and lunch area in the current courtyard would free up classroom space.

Lunch would be moved out of the gym, freeing up both gyms for physical education. He says the change would also enhance the front identity of the school. The renovation of Jefferson is one component of a five-year facility plan totaling over $12-million dollars – at all buildings except the high school – that includes taking on new debt without going to referendum. Around $2.25-million dollars will be needed to accommodate the new students at Jefferson.