Beaver Dam Police, Fire Departments Learn From Missing Child Search

(Beaver Dam) Emergency responders in Beaver Dam say they were able to learn a lot from a full-scale missing child search last month that had a happy ending. Fire Chief Alan Mannel told the city’s Police and Fire Commission Tuesday night that the police and fire departments worked together in assembling the Child Abduction Response Team; setting up an incident command, calling in off-duty personnel and forming a search party. Mannel says as a result of the incident, the two departments decided to prepare maps with a grid that divides the city into multiple sectors so that everybody is on the same page during similar incidents going forward. The operation was initially expected to last all night but the child, who was missing for two hours, was found safe after about one hour of searching by the mother of a firefighter. Mannel says the incident was a great example of the excellent working relationship between the police and fire departments.