Waupun Inmate Gets Two More Years For Threatening District Attorney

(Waupun) An inmate at the Waupun Correctional Institution will spend an extra two years behind bars for threatening the life of the Fond du Lac County District Attorney. James Luke was sentenced Wednesday in Dodge County court after pleading no contest to one felony count of Battery or Threat to a Judge or Prosecutor; an enhancer as a repeat offender was dismissed. The 29-year-old sent a letter to DA Eric Toney in March of 2016 that said there was a (quote) “target on his head that said death.” The letter also said that Luke and his (quote) “ISIS homies are going to cook you and your loved ones sooner or later.” Luke said that he would eventually have his time overturned and beat pending charges and when he is released he would personally decapitate Toney and mail his head to the local news so the world can see. Luke also praised Allah repeatedly before signing the letter “Haneef Abu Rafeeh.” No actual connection to the terrorist group is believed to exist. The threats were in retaliation for Toney’s prosecution of an unrelated homicide case. Detectives from Fond du Lac County interviewed Luke and asked him if he was serious and Luke reportedly said “dead serious.” The FBI determined that the saliva on the flap of the envelop was consistent with DNA from a saliva swab from Luke. In prosecuting the case, Dodge County DA Kurt Klomberg noted that (quote), “district attorneys are required to make difficult decisions every day, and some of those decisions are unpopular with sections of the community.” Klomberg said, “Threatening statements and acts in retaliation to the work of a prosecutor will not be allowed to pass without a strong response.” After Luke completes his prison term, he will spend an additional two years on extended supervision. Luke is currently serving time at Columbia Correctional.