Beaver Dam Itemizes Tax Bill For Residents

(Beaver Dam) Beaver Dam enclosed an itemized breakdown of how the city uses taxpayer money inside each 2021 tax bill sent out last month. Mayor Becky Glewen says that for each dollar paid in property taxes, the city receives 43-cents while the school district gets 33-cents, the county gets 22-cents and Moraine Park Technical College gets two-cents.

For the owner of a $200-thousand dollar property, Glewen says a taxpayer would be responsible for $1921.46, which translates to $160.12-per month. The largest potion of city costs is directed at emergency services. The owner of that $200-thousand dollar home pays $40.88 each year for police protection and $31.90 for fire and paramedic-level EMS service. Debt service to pay for new roads, infrastructure and major equipment purchases adds up to $27.67 of each tax bill. General government and administration costs total $17.86 while running two dozen parks, the library and the Community Activities and Services Department costs $17.32. The Department of Public Works gets $15.92. Finally, weekly garbage collection, bi-monthly recycling pickup and twice a year curbside bulk pickup costs the owner of a $200-thousand dollar home $8.57 annually.

Glewen’s letter to taxpayers also touts the 2022 budget and planned capital expenditures. In November, the common council adopted a budget totaling $18.3-million-dollar, up around one-million-dollars, with a tax levy of $ $12.4-million dollars, an increase of about $1.1-million-dollars. The mill rate is $9.26 per thousand, a decrease of 20-cents.

Included is a two-percent wage increase and a 7.5-percent health insurance hike. The budget also includes a new position for a school resource officer/compliance officer, which is partially funded by the school district. The police department will be able to finish their outdoor shooting range while the fire department is getting a new ambulance. The Historical Society Museum roof will be replaced. Lakeview Park will see new equipment. The lagoons at Swan Park will be restored while the aging wading pool will be replaced with a splash pad.