Tuesday Is Deadline To Submit Paperwork To Run In Spring Election

(Trenton) Tuesday, January 4 is the deadline for candidates interested in running for seats in the spring election. The Tuesday, April 5th ballot will shape city council’s along with county, school district, village and township boards. Statewide, there is a judicial court of appeals election.

In the city of Beaver Dam, alderpersons in even-numbered districts, formerly referred to as wards, will be on the ballot. There are also three seats up for election on the Beaver Dam school board.

All 33-seats on the Dodge County board of supervisors are up for election. We learned last week that longtime board chairman Russ Kottke is not be seeking re-election. Early filings also suggest there could be a countywide primary on February 15 as there are more new candidates interested in county government than at any time in decades.

Candidates in all state and local spring races have until 5pm tomorrow (Tuesday, January 4) to submit their paperwork.