Beaver Dam Fire Encourages Exit Plans, Closed Doors

10/30/17 – October is Fire Prevention Month and while the month is almost over, local officials say it’s not too late implement safety procedures in your home. The theme of Fire Prevention Month this year is “Every Second Counts” and officials are encouraging each household to prepare their fire escape plan. Chief Alan Mannel also has this suggestion: close your bedroom door. Mannel says most people are not thinking straight when they flee a structure that is on fire and he wants to get the word out about the importance of closing doors. Captain Russ Johnson says has been proven that a closed door can protect a room so well that the temperature never exceeds 100 degrees inside while the rest of the home can be completely destroyed. Johnson says it is also important for parents to practice escape plans with their kids by checking windows, doors, and putting a towel or cloth at the base of a door to keep the temperature down. He says most smoke detectors have a ten-year life span while carbon monoxide alarms can stop working at around four-to six-years. Johnson says home owners should change the batteries in their smoke detectors at least once a year, preferably as clocks for the season.