Beaver Dam DPW Reminds Residents Of Snow Shoveling Ordinances

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Department of Public Works is reminding residents to shovel their snow. DPW Supervisor Dan Mulhern says that city ordinance requires snow or ice accumulations on public sidewalks fronting private properties be removed each time it snows. City residents on corner lots should also clear their crosswalks at intersections.

Ice accumulations that cannot be removed must be treated with a deicing or abrasive agent.   If snow and ice remain on sidewalks for more than 24 hours, the public works crew will clear the sidewalk and assess the property owner.

City ordinance also prohibits blowing or pushing snow into or across the street. In addition, Mulhern asks that residents not put their garbage and recycling cans in the street. Carts should be placed on the driveway approach or behind the curb. Failure to comply may result in a citation.