Dodge County Sheriff Encouraging Residents To Stay Indoors During Cold Spell

(Juneau) The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office is requesting residents to stay off the roads and stay indoors while the region is in a Wind Chill Warning. Sheriff Dale Schmidt says the county’s highway department will look to limit their staff’s exposure to the elements to focus efforts strictly on US and State Highways along with major County Highways. As a result, less traveled highways will likely not be able to be plowed and may drift shut from the forecasted winds. Some roads may become impassable until weather conditions improve. Schmidt says if individuals must travel, please stay on US and State Highways as much as possible and avoid driving through drifts. He also encourages drivers to make sure they have a full tank of gas, proper clothing and an emergency kit. Squads will still be patrolling the area to provide help as needed but Schmidt says if a vehicle becomes stranded the motorist places the responding deputy in danger when they assist. The Sheriff also encourages businesses and organizations to consider shutting down operations and reschedule events. Schmidt says he wants to keep as many people as possible safely in their homes and off the roads during this cold spell.