BDUSD Superintendent Says COVID-19 Safety Measures Have Been Working

(Beaver Dam) The head of the Beaver Dam school district says kids should be able to stay in school if the public embraces safety practices. Superintendent Mark DiStefano says plans put in place at the start of the school year have been working so far. Students in grades seven through 12 are in school two days a week while learning virtually for three days with younger students in school all week.  

DiStefano told us on WBEV’s Community Comment that there has been no spread within the schools themselves, though there are currently ten students diagnosed with coronavirus. He notes that those cases have not been the result of transmission of coronavirus within the schools, which are very clean and very protected places where a lot of safety measures are being practiced.  

Masks will continue to be worn inside school buildings as students maintain small group learning. DiStefano says such healthy habits employed communitywide, along with physical distancing and handwashing, could mark the difference between virtual and in-person learning. 

“If we work collectively on this regardless of where people stand on the politics behind it,” he says, “the reality of the science is, and the obligations of close contacts and some of the quarantining protocols that are in place, if we all collectively work on this we can keep kids in school longer.” 

DiStefano says another key to limiting the numbers of cases has been parent’s diligence in not sending children to school with illness or symptoms.