BDPD to See New Shooting Range

(Beaver Dam) Beaver Dam Police Chief John Kreuziger says his department will see a new shooting range in the spring of 2022.  Currently the department does have a working indoor range in the basement of the station, but the Chief says they have to use special ammunition when utilizing the space as OSHA regulations frown on the use of lead-based rounds in interior spaces.  During a visit to WBEV’s Community Comment the Chief Kreuziger noted the new space will serve as more than just a shooting range, saying the space will serve for emergency vehicle operation training, defense and arrest tactics, batons, tasers, firearms and scenario training.


The new facility will be housed on 14 acres donated to the city by Walmart, with the final stages of construction coming in the wake of $52 thousand set aside in Beaver Dam’s 2022 Capital Improvement Plan, which was approved in October of this year.