BDPD Say Struggles To Find Applicants For Policing Careers A Nationwide Issue

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Police Department say they continue to struggle finding people interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement. Lieutenant Jeremiah Johnson says it is not just a local issue, but agencies across the country are having similar difficulties.  

He says in the past young cadets would often go through the police academy first before applying for jobs, but now they often expect police departments to sponsor them through the program. Johnson says they routinely send people through the academy when just five years ago it was unheard of.  

In a competitive hiring market, Johnson explains one of the Beaver Dam department’s best recruiting tools. He says they have a reputation as being a great department to work for and a great city to live in. Johnson says members of other agencies have sought jobs in Beaver Dam because they recognize how great if a department it is to work for.  

Johnson adds that they have also started offering lateral transfers, meaning someone coming from another agency may lose their seniority when it comes to vacation days or overtime but would start at a higher pay scale.  

During a recent Community Comment, Johnson said public perception is one reason why there is a lack of interest in policing careers. He says there is a stigma associated with being a police officer and that the profession has had some (quote) “bad press…some justified and some not.” Johnson notes that a person picking their career may decide to choose a job that does not have to deal with that added stress.  

Johnson says anyone looking for more information about becoming a cop can reach out to him or visit WILENET which is a website that details different law enforcement employment openings. 

To contact Lieutenant Jeremiah Johnson, call 920-887-4614 or 920-210-9378. You can email him at [email protected]

Click HERE to visit the WILENET website.  

Click HERE to visit the City of Beaver Dam Police Department’s webpage.