Authorities Signaling Caution About Ice On Area Bodies Of Water

(Green Lake County) Green Lake County Chief Deputy Matt Vande Kolk says the ice on area bodies of water is not safe. A Princeton man died after falling through the ice on the Fox River last Thursday. Vande Kolk says the man was likely looking for his dog.

The chief deputy says what ice is on the river is very thin and there has not been much ice on Big Green or other area lakes. He says if you are going to venture out on a lake take precautions like telling someone you are going and when you expect to be back. Vande Kolk adds that it would be a good idea to take some safety equipment with you such as a life preserver, a length of rope, and ice picks or spikes to drag yourself out if you go through the ice.

He also recommends calling a sports shop or fishing club to check on ice conditions or check out the Lake-Link-dot-com website. Click HERE to visit the website.