April Fire At Beaver Dam’s Lakecrest Apartments Reveals Marijuana Grow

11/27/17 – A fire at the Lakecrest Apartments in Beaver Dam has resulted in felony charges against two tenants after a marijuana growing operation was discovered. 52-year-old Scott Rabinek and his fiancée 47-year-old Jennifer Miller are charged with the Manufacturing and Delivery of THC and Maintaining a Drug Trafficking Place, which carry a maximum sentence of 16 years in prison upon conviction. Firefighters and investigators in April reportedly found 54 plants up to three feet tall in two separate closets in a back bedroom. Miller denied having any involvement with cultivating the plants but said the grow lights were so bright she has had to sleep on the living room couch. She also told investigators that the plants belonged to Rabinek who she called “controlling.” Miller said Rabinek demanded that she tell the police that it was hers because she would get off easier because of his past offenses. Miller and Rabinek are scheduled to make their initial appearance next Monday.