Applications Being Accepted For 2022 Beaver Dam Veterans Honor Walk

(Beaver Dam) The public has an opportunity to honor veterans in the community. The Beaver Dam Veterans Honor Walk Banner Program features a veteran with their photo, name, branch of service, and credentials. The program began three years ago by Life Scout Luke Diljak who was earning the status of Eagle Scout. Dave Diljak, assistant scout master from Beaver Dam Scout Troup 724, says their goal is to display 50 banners this year. He says it is a great way to honor our veterans.

Photos of the veterans can include them in their basic training days, in the field, even pictures outside of their military career are allowed such as high school graduation photos. They can be in black and white or in color, but they must be submitted digitally. Eagle Scout Ollie Shier says the banners are displayed in the downtown and are a great way to get people to visit the area. He says there is a map in the banner booklet each program participant is given that shows where each banner is displayed.

Beaver Dam American Legion Auxiliary #146 member Lois Levenhagen says any veteran no matter their service can be displayed on the banners. She says they do not even need to be from Beaver Dam either. Levenhagen adds that they will display any veteran so long as they are still active or were an honorable discharge.

The cost for the banners is $300 each. Applications are available at the Beaver Dam Chamber of Commerce or you can call Dave Diljak at 920-885-6463 or email him at [email protected].