All Dodge County Public Health COVID Testing Has 24-Hour Turnaround

(Juneau) Dodge County health officials say their COVID-19 testing data is accurate. In a press release, the department says recent news reports have stated that coronavirus data released by health departments is inaccurate due to a backlog in inputting negative results. They say this is not the case for Dodge County.

Throughout the pandemic, the county health department has seen an average of 200-to-225 results reported a day with all being processed – negative and positive – in under 24 hours. County health officials say this allows Dodge County to report up-to-date metrics and data to county leaders and the public. They say the community can be reassured that the testing data the county health department reports, including positive and negative results, is accurate.

The department has also assigned staff to process tests in their jurisdiction seven days a week to assure timely and accurate reporting. Dodge County Public Health Officer Abby Sauer says they do their best to provide the most current information, adding that they know they need to be a reliable resource for people wanting to keep themselves safe. She says they continue to ask the public to act reasonable and safely, as well as follow socially distanced guidelines and wearing face coverings when physical distancing is not possible.

Sauer encourage the public to visit the Dodge County website where daily COVID-19 snapshots, weekly reports and the latest guidance is available. A link can be found at