After Dissolving PFC, Horicon Convenes The WI.STATS 62.13(6m) Committee

(Horicon) Horicon’s newest committee may have an unusual name, but the entity could play an important role after the city dissolved its Police and Fire Commission. It is called the WI. STATS 62.13(6m) Committee and is so-named for the statute that allows for its creation. Horicon Mayor Jim Grigg says that name was not necessarily the first choice. He says they thought it would be smoother to call it by other names, but the city attorney recommended the unorthodox name. The majority of the responsibilities of the former PFC will be handled by the city council.

The PFC was dissolved by the council in March after the commission decided to post the vacant police chief position externally while automatically advancing internal candidates straight to final interviews. Elected officials feared litigation as city ordinance requires that internal candidates need to be considered first. Grigg says that the city could create a new PFC in the future if the need arises.

State law indicates that cities with less than four-thousand residents can dissolve their PFC and simply create a disciplinary board. That board can advise on police and fire matters that could include recommending termination of employed police officers, or other protective services personnel.

At an open meeting Wednesday, the committee chose Dave Gallenbeck as chairperson. The other two appointees are Paul Fink and Susan Hady. The city is in the process of finding a new police chief to succeed Joe Adamson, who retired in April. Grigg says the process could take upwards of six months or more. Lieutenant Amy Janke is the interim Police Chief.