2020 Trailways West All-Conference Volleyball Team

2020 – Trailways West Division Volleyball


Player of the Year

Jorey Buwalda                             Randolph


First Team All-Conference

Jorey Buwalda                             Randolph                         Sophomore

Cassandra Alsum                       Randolph                         Junior

Carizma Muth                               Randolph                         Sophomore

Emily Loging                                Rio                                      Sophomore

Adeline Hutzler                           Rio                                      Senior

Rylee Prochnow                         Cambria-Friesland     Senior

Sydney Jahnke                             Markesan                        Senior                Defensive Specialist


Second Team All-Conference

Livia Erdmann                             Randolph                         Senior

Belle Gregorio                             Fall River                         Junior

Jenna Pulver                                 Cambria-Friesland     Freshman

Lindsay Drews                            Cambria-Friesland     Sophomore

Brooke Peterson                        Pardeeville                     Sophomore

Gracie Mast                                   Markesan                        Senior

Brandi Fuller                                Randolph                         Sophomore     Defensive Specialist


Honorable Mention All-Conference

Rylea Alvin                                    Randolph                         Freshman

Anna Benisch                               Rio                                      Freshman

Courtney Quist                            Rio                                      Senior

Cameron Bauer                           Cambria-Friesland     Junior

Cami Johansen                            Pardeeville                     Senior

Natalie Anderson                       Fall River                         Sophomore     Defensive Specialist


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