Beaver Dam Receiving Grant For New Boiler At City Hall

(Beaver Dam) Beaver Dam has been awarded a grant to replace an outdated boiler at city hall. Following a series of recent initiatives to improve energy savings, the city was awarded grant funds through the Wisconsin Office of Energy Innovation. Mayor Becky Glewen announced Friday on WBEV Community Comment that the city will receive over $257-thousand dollars, which will cover the projects full cost. She says that the city was able to get 100-percent of what they asked for in their grant proposal. Glewen says the boiler controls and parts to replace the 19-year-old unit are outdated and cost too much. She says the city will be pursuing further grant opportunities through the Office of Energy Innovation to help increase energy savings. Glewen says if they city is awarded additional grants they could address the outdated boiler in the Department of Public Works building or even replace street light bulbs with LED’s.  With the new boiler in addition to the solar panels that will be installed on city hall within the next few weeks, Glewen says the costs savings will be significant which will have a direct impact on taxpayers.