Sheriff Reminds Motorists About Sharing Road With Farm Implements

(Juneau) The Dodge County Sheriff says motorists and farm machinery operators need to coexist on the roadways. With the approaching fall season, drivers will see a noticeable uptick in Implements of Husbandry out on the highways. Sheriff Dale Schmidt says farmers have an important job to do while understanding the need to keep the roads clear for the public. Schmidt says farm machine operators need to yield to traffic if they are going slower than the posted speed limit. He says farm equipment drivers do have the right to their lane of traffic, so long as they are not impeding other vehicles. Schmidt says cars traveling behind farm implements are not allowed to pass them in a no passing zone. A motorist is allowed to pass another motor vehicle in a no-passing zone if that motor vehicle is traveling under half the speed limit but the same is not true for farm implements. Schmidt explained the differences for us recently on WBEV’s Community Comment saying that if an automobile is going less than half the speed limit a driver can pass them legally as long as it is safe to do so. Schmidt encourages drivers to be patient and to pass farm implements in a safe manner to avoid any unnecessary risk. Whenever an operator does not pull over their implement or a driver illegally passes the farming equipment, Schmidt says a person should call his office to file a complaint once they can do so safely.